June 29, 2014

All Golden!

The latest installment on the Gold Rush map saga started out both sunny and damp.   It had been raining off and on the previous evening, but the day dawned with clear blue skies.   However, by the time of the first starts, dark clouds overhead threatened to wet things down again.   Luckily, although the clouds stayed around for most of the day, the rain itself never materialized, leaving instead excellent running conditions.

The beginner course, a standard loop, only had one taker this time, with Alden Koenig blazing through the course with an excellent time.

The second course was a 21 control score course.   Controls could be visited in any order, each was worth 10 points a piece, time limit was three hours, and there was a 10 point per minute overtime penalty.    Three competitors were able to snag all 21, and two others missed out on 21 only due to not seeing the control (code 37) on the upper-right corner of the map.   A number of other competitors had difficulties on control code #42 due to an unmapped logging track on the ridge just to the west of the ridge that the control was on.   And, of course, John Murray pointed out (correctly) that control #43 was placed 20 meters south of the control circle.    Even with these problems, everyone had a great day.   Jerry Stewart enjoyed it so much, he even stayed out on the course for smidge more than his allotted three hours!

Special thanks to my co-director Jeff Black for helping with both pre-meet control placement, setup, and post-meet pickup.  And thanks to Bill Leahy for helping with setup and post-meet pickup.   And thanks to both for keeping me company at the delicious post-race meal and bull session at Trudy’s.

Jeff also posted a bit of his photography from the meet on the ctoc-boise yahoogroup . Enjoy!

Next month we return to the mountains with a meet at Bogus Basin.  See you there!

And last but not least, the results…

Andy Hill

BEGINNER      (2.69 km, 60 m climb)  
Name Time
Alden Koenig 33:25


Score (optimal route: 8.680 km, 350 m climb)      
Name Time Controls Score

Sergey Velichko




Jason Quinn




Greg Davidson




John Murray




Bill Leahy




Melanie Schuster




Nellie Pryor & Company




Shanda Doughman




Kerry Davis




Zack Clayton




Mikayla & Chris Rose




Jerry Stewart





June 12, 2014

Gold Rush 2014!

We return to the woods of Idaho City to revisit our best map, one that promises plenty of trees, hills, and maybe...gold.  Forecast is looking really excellent, cooling down this weekend.

Date:  Saturday, June 14
Location:  Gold Rush map, Lycow flat (west side start - see below)
Formats:  Score, plus a beginner classic
Starts:  11am-12:30pm
Cost:  free to CTOC members, $5/$7 per map/group non-members (member info here)
Sheep:  Yes...some have been observed looking for control bag lunches on the south

Time limit/score penalty TBD by Andy Hill on race day.  Probably a couple of hours to get as many controls as you can.

Start will be about two and a half miles up Bear Run Road (note: this is not the start area by Highway 21).   From Hwy 21 in Idaho City, turn left on Main Street, go three blocks, turn right on Bear Run Road, and follow the road to the meet site.   Leave the sports cars at home – there’s a few ruts and potholes along the way.

Bring your favorite hydration system (may be water at a control, but not sure), shoes for off trail traction in the woods, your compass of course, and your mind ready to work...

June 3, 2014

The Eleventh Running of The Rabbit Creek O Meet...

was great fun and well attended.

Rabbit Creek ranch.
 The weather was ominous earlier in the morning with a brief cloud burst. I’m still wondering if the weather reports kept anyone from braving possible downpours. It turned out, however that the rain stopped and the brief rain just helped to settle the dust and keep things cooled off for the runners. The only disadvantage was that most packed an extra jacket along on their run, but it was never needed!

The Advanced Course had some good competition between familiar runners:
As expected Sergey Velichko dominated the course winning in 1:27. He was the only runner to complete the course in under 2 hours and beat out the rest of the field by over 30 minutes.
Ole Bergset came in with the next best time at 2:03.

Sergey runs up the mountain and into the clouds.  Photo:  Melanie Schuster

Sergey Velichko  1:27
Ole Bergset          2:03
Jeff Black               2:10
Melanie Schuster 2:27
John Murray          2:39
Michael Bading     2:39
Jay Morgan            2:42
Greg Davidson       DQ         (Missed Control)

Greg Davidson in action.  Photo:  Melanie.
Unfortunately a parallel error by the course setter (me) placed one control in a parallel
re-entrant.  No penalty was taken for missing this control. Because of this error Rabbit Creek Run will not be a qualifying event for the World Championships this year.

John and Jay puzzle over the slightly misplaced P13 against an Owyhee backdrop.

The intermediate course was an abbreviated version of the advanced course. All the controls on the intermediate were also on the advanced but the more distant controls were excluded.

Dondi and Toby Black  2:25
Ken Karcher                   2:36
Jerry Stewart          DQ > 3 hrs

Jeff and Kelly Mullens took in a portion of the intermediate course but didn’t set out to get them all.


A shorter course was set up around the pastures and yard for beginners.

Jereme Richarson
with Lori Mangum           0:40

Nellie Pryor
with Amber and Bryce     0:57

Shanda Doughman
with 3 children                   0:57

Control P13 blowin' in the wind.
Special thanks to  Loren Schwarzhoff of Boehringer Ingelheim for providing the sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks all catered by Heavenly Ham of Boise!!

See You Saturday June 14th for Gold Rush-O in Idaho City!!!