January 27, 2013

Grim Determination!!!

Grim Determination??? How badly we underestimated the numbers and enthusiasm as we organized this meet! If you weren't there to see it, you almost surely would have guessed that ice, snow, fog and rain would have relegated this meet to a few grimly determined orienteers taking what little comfort could be found from the knowledge that the fewer of us, the greater share of honor.

But it wasn't to be. A happier bunch of smiling faces rarely graces our CTOC meets. Nineteen happy warriors returned victorious over slop in the streets, snow in the hills and random ice under foot. The cynics and skeptics need only examine the photographs to transform them into blushing Pollyannas.

Some of the old war horses trod the course with their customary speed and precision. How much speed and how much precision? Those of you who know the Russes and Sergeys of our team can make reliable estimates subject to confirmation in the results below. Ben and Jeff continue to set a high standard. That's all old news. Jeff's ultra-running friend, Dennis Ahern, came out to try our sport. He acquitted himself well on the intermediate course with a second place finish.

The new news and really welcome news is a number of younger orienteers. We were so happy to have them that in a moment of financially untenable compassion David waived the $5 map fee for non-member high school students. We offer our apologies, but not refunds, to any young person who might have paid up before Connor exploited David's weakness. In the future we'll restrict David to dealing with Russ and Sergey.

As happy as we are to have these young orienteers join us we must acknowledge there are some things they lack. (Excuses? “My eyesight fails me.Twenty years ago I would have seen that shortcut on the map.”) If you added up all of their BMIs, we'd venture the sum would fall short of our BMI leader whose identity shall remain undisclosed. Welcome Parker, Connor, Natalie and Alex. We hope to see a lot more of you and your friends at future meets.

Ben Brock's Riverstone students weren't the only young folks to grace the intermediate course Saturday. Jeff Olsen is a remarkably composed seventh grader who brought his dad to aid in his pursuit of an orienteering merit badge. They familiarized themselves with procedures on the beginner's course and then took on the intermediate course. Weather and time intervened to prevent a finish. Nevertheless Jeff and his dad reported good progress. Best of all was the enthusiasm that promises to overflow into the scout troop.

And then there was Jay Morgan out with his kids again on the intermediate course. Those of you who know Jay appreciate his love of the longer courses. He must have decided to raise his kids right. Plaudits to Jay and mom.

No meet is complete without a culinary sensation of Russ Pilcher's making. No need to ask Sergey which control was the most important. It was his last control, or should we say out of control. Shown here is Sergey coming off a hand rail to attack Russ's liverwurst.

We don't want to beat our own drum, but we do feel obligated to quote some of the praise we received for the meet. “Clearly, our best meet of the year! Thanks John and David for hosting, it was a great way to start of the rest of my life.” Rest assured that your meet directors will not be shopping for larger hats on the strength of this compliment. However somewhere cleverly concealed in the transparent superficiality and evident disingenuousness is an essential truth of orienteering—every meet is a great way to start the rest of our lives. As pleased as we were with the meet, we look forward to the December meet when we can say January's edition was the worst meet of the year. Let's have a great 2013 orienteering!

Meet directors,
David Murray
John Murray

January 25, 2013

Hidden Springs Meet - Tomorrow January 26

The Hidden Springs Orienteering Meet will be held as scheduled tomorrow, Saturday, January 26. An advanced, intermediate and beginners course will be offered in the classic format.

Due to the potential for injury from falls on icy surfaces there are some factors to bear in mind:

First, although there has been significant melting and a large improvement in the footing, another ice storm is possible tonight. Even if there is no additional precipitation, remaining ice and ice formed overnight could constitute dangerous footing.

 Second, all legs of the intermediate course can be run on the valley floor. There is elevation change of about 50 meters over 5.3K. If you usually choose the advanced course and you are concerned about the footing on hills, you should consider running the intermediate course. The advanced course includes 185 meters of elevation change and encourages more off-trail travel than the intermediate course. There is snow obscuring some of the ankle-breaking rocks and holes on the advanced course.

Third, the weather forecast calls for temperatures above freezing tomorrow morning. It is possible that melting will make the footing better for late starters. The start window is from 10:00AM to 12:00. Consider starting after 11:30AM.

Fourth, if you have not completed a liability waiver for 2013, please do so. Click here to save you some time signing up when you start: waiver . We will also have blank form available at the start. There is always risk of injury in orienteering. Ice elevates that risk. No maps will be issued without a current waiver.

 Finally, it's a good time to renew your membership for 2013 or to become a new member. Click here for more membership information. Check out the original Hidden Springs announcement below. It includes a link to a map locating the start at Hidden Springs Elementary School and other information.

Meet Directors
David Murray
John Murray

January 13, 2013

Hidden Springs -- Saturday, January 26

Please join us on Saturday, January 26th, for an orienteering meet in a format to fit the weather and footing. Because Hidden Springs' diverse terrain allows flexibility in course setting come snow, rain or shine Hidden Springs is especially suitable for a winter meet. If the trails are firm and snow does not render the hills hazardous, we will set courses including mountainous terrain. If the conditions don't favor travel in the hills, we will set an urban orienteering course. Check back here for an update on Friday, January 25.

Who: Orienteers of all ages and abilities (beginners to advanced)
When: January 26. Registration begins at 10:30am and continues to 1:00pm. Courses will be open for starts from 10 am – 12. Courses close at 2 pm. You may arrive within this window to try a course, as participants start separately a few minutes apart.
Start/Finish Location:
Hidden Springs Elementary School: Hidden Springs, Idaho 83714
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/5OpWT
Format: To be determined depending on conditions
Entry fees: $5.00 per map for non-members (individual or group). Free to members of the City of Trees Orienteering Club. Meet location: Hidden Springs Elementary School, in the parking lot near the northeast corner of the building.

Things to bring:
1. your trusty compass, or you may rent one from the club for a nominal fee.
2. a signed waiver, to save you some time signing up when you get there - but we will have blanks handy.
Cost: Our usual monthly meet fee for nonmembers: $5 per individual, or $7 for a group sharing a map. Or if you're a club member, it's included!

You can choose a course that's right for you. We will have a course for beginners who have never held a compass or thought about maps. This course is suitable for small children and strollers. We have a course for intermediates who want the navigational challenge of an advanced course without the longer test of endurance. And, as always, we will have a more challenging course for our experienced orienteers. Whether new to orienteering or an accomplished competitive navigator, there's a course for you.
See you on January 26th!

Directors: David Murray/John Murray