December 19, 2012

Willow Lane/Veterans December 2012 Meet Results

Here are our December meet results with some delay.

Beginner: 1.4km, 7 controls
Anthony Mascola          19:00
Camden and Jeff Mulleus  25:40
Katrina and Innes Wright 37:20

Intermediate: 4km, 15 controls
Alex Pusch               36:20
Ian Mulleus              39:40
Parker Thornton          48:30
Russ Pilcher           1:00:10
Ty and Chase Miller    1:00:20
Dominic Romani         1:00:30
Melanie Wright         1:06:00
Ousha, Heidi, Madison,
and Quentin Thomas     1:37:30

Advanced: 6.3km, 22 controls
Ben Brock                45:55
Jeff Black               56:50
Michael Bading
with Oakley              57:15
Jay Morgen               58:08
Bill Leahy             1:01:10
Melanie Schuster       1:08:56
John Murray            1:09:31
Dan Herring            1:53:05

Many thanks to my co-hosts Masha and Bill for helping tremendously with running it smoothly!

See you enjoying outdoors next year!

Sergey Velichko

P.S. Let me know if I missed anyone or misspelled your name.

December 7, 2012

Dec 9 Sunday O meet

Just a friendly reminder that December 9 Sunday is our monthly orienteering meet at Willow Lane Park off of State Street. Follow our O-signs to the meet center. Starts are 11am to 1pm. Courses for beginners (1.4K), intermediate (4K), and advanced (6.5K) will be offered. We hope to see you all there enjoying outdoors.

Usual meet fees - free to club members, $5 to non-members, registration on site.

If you are new to the sport or a non-member, you can bring a copy of the waiver filled out in advance in the warm luxury of your living room, dreaming of punched controls and a perfect score.

Your meet director,
Sergey Velichko