April 27, 2009

Stewart Gulch Meet Results

It was just perfect weather for orienteering this past Saturday April 25- sunny, breathy, and cool. No cheat grass and foothills covered in green offered excellent running conditions. Courses set in a true Sweden fashion were challenging and at the same time fast and furious at the end. Spectators marveled speed and approach of the runners going through the last controls.

On the beginner course Sara Gordon and extended family explored controls set around flats surrounding the Hillside junior-high school and successfully found all ten controls. They even crossed a creek twice in the search of the best way to shorten distance! Returning Ian and Colby Smith skillfully went through the course in a very respectful time. And our seasoned veterans Masha and Ole blazed through the sprint like course with Masha being first and Ole claiming second spot.

We had more takers on the hilly Intermediate course comparing to the long and strenuous advance course. Experienced Joann Leone and Joe Novak took on the challenge of the course and successfully completed it finding all controls. Melanie Roper and Erik Bergset met their target of completing the course in less than two hours. Jeff Decker, Ted Vavricka, and David Bergset showed very good times. Unfortunately, Ted in the heat of the race missed easy control #10. David won the course under one hour.

Our advanced course, as always, saw most fearsome competition from both solo runners and athletes accompanied by four-legged partners. First time advanced course runners Matt Score and Moose looked really strong coming to the finish with time below two hours. Jay Morgan and Lee Scott battled it to the very end. Jay missed control #8 and Lee had more than four minute gain over Jay at the end. And finally only 9 seconds separated first and second place finishers. No doubt that Oakly’s thirst and wild animal site seeing prevented Mike Bading from claiming victory over Jeff Black. But we should give credit to Jeff as well for being on the course after 20K right before going with a map to the hills.

Beginner Course: 1.65K, 10m climb, 10 controls
Masha Velichko 13:29
Ole Bergset 14:15
Ian & Colby Smith 35:07
Sara Gordon + 4 more 46:31

Intermediate Course: 4.23K, 200m climb, 16 controls
David Bergset 55:30
Jeff Decker 1:02:30
Melanie Roper & Erik Bergset 1:59:26
Joann Leone & Joe Novak 2:17:14
Ted Vavricka 1:00:26 (missed #10)

Advanced Course: 7K, 350m climb, 23 controls
Jeff Black 1:20:52
Mike Bading & Oakly 1:21:01
Lee Scott 1:29:06
Matt Score & Moose 1:57:35
Jay Morgan 1:33:32 (missed #8)

We hope to see you all enjoying courses and outdoors at our next meet May at Rabbit Creek near Murphy. Bill always puts fun courses with at least couple surprises.

Your meet directors,
Sergey and Masha Velichko

April 24, 2009

Coming Up: Stuart Gulch West

This is a cordial reminder that CTOC is having regular Orienteering meet this coming Saturday April 25th.

Stewart Gulch is our venue. Meet center is right behind Hillside Junior High School at the corner of Hill Road and 36th Street.

Date: Saturday, April 25th
Start time: 11:00am - 1:00pm (course will be closed by 2pm)
Location: Stuart Gulch West

Usual compliment of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses will be offered. As it may be hot come early. We will provide water at one of the controls on the course but you may think to bring more if it is really hot.

We hope to see you all enjoying outdoors and courses this Saturday!